Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stronger, healthier, faster

I went to Banana Republic yesterday to buy some shorts. They had tons of really cute ones that weren't too short and some that were even on sale. I had the little girl with me so knew I wasn't going to have much time to really try on much. I picked up a pair, held them up to me and thought they looked the right size. Took them back to the changing room with me along with some other items. 

This is when I took a look at the size. 8s! Pulled them on and they fit! What? The shorts I came in wearing were 12s. Of course, they have been fitting a bit baggy and I did need to put on a belt to hold them up. I should have known. The thing is, I knew I was smaller, but not that much smaller! Woohoo.

More incentive to keep going to Body Back classes, running and doing those 12 Minute workouts.
I should probably keep up with the eating healthier, too. Seems to be working. 

At this time last summer, before I started my first Body Back Session, I was unable to run a mile, I was 15 pounds heavier and definitely not as strong and healthy. I had high blood pressure, too. A year later, I can run a 5k and I am running a half marathon the end of July. I say running, probably more of a walk/run but my only goal is to finish within the 3 hour limit. I think I can do that considering that I can do 6 miles in a little over an hour.



  1. What a great surprise! I think it's kind of good not to get too wrapped up in the scale - you knew you were doing good things and could feel the difference, you didn't need the scale to tell you that. Keep up the great work!


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