Thursday, June 4, 2015

SF Half Marathon

Back in January, I told a friend I would do a half marathon with her. Back then it sounded doable. Six months to train and get myself able to at least run part of it and finish in the allotted time. Well, I should have known that, being a bit of a klutz, it wouldn't be that easy.

Since beginning my "training", I have made my feet and ankle ache to the point of being barely able to walk, I have fallen and given my leg the worst road rash, and now I have thrown out my back. The back was not done running, though. It was done in the shower while shaving my legs. 

I think running (and shaving) are a bit too dangerous for my clumsy self. What do you all think?

Unfortunately, there is no backing out now unless I am totally broken at the end of July. I have a friend flying in from Texas to join me on the course! We may be walking instead of running, though. Can you imagine the damage I could do to myself on the hills of San Francisco?

Happy Jogging! (Ha)

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