Thursday, April 23, 2015

Threshold by G.M. Ford

Threshold by G.M. Ford
254 pages, Paperback
Published April 2015, Thomas and Mercer
Source: From publisher for review as part of a TLC book tour

My Review

This was an interesting book-part police procedural, part supernatural mystery. 

It started off a bit rough. It was a little hard to figure out what was happening due to the changes in perspective from character to character. It seemed like two different stories that had nothing to do with each for awhile. However, once I figured it out, I couldn't stop reading.

Detective Mickey Dolan has been charged to locate the wife and daughters of a politician. A custody battle ended with the father being given sole custody and now his family are on the run. Through Dolan's investigation he discovers that there were sexual abuse allegations and iffy legal doings to not prosecute the father.

The Royster family is in fact being helped by a mother and her daughter. They are a bit of a mystery. The daughter, Grace, seems to have the power to awaken people out of comas and by selling her gift to families with comatose family members, they are able to fund the help they give women and their children to escape abusive situations.
Interesting, right?
I enjoyed it and seeing how it all would come to an end. Would it be a happy ending for all? Guess you'll have to read it to find out.

About the Author

G.M. Ford broke onto the mystery scene with Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca?, a gin-soaked tome featuring Seattle private investigator Leo Waterman. The six-book Leo Waterman series was nominated for several awards, including the Shamus, the Anthony, and the Lefty. In 2001, Ford launched a new series featuring disgraced reporter Frank Corso and his goth assistant, Meg Dougherty. In 2011, after a twelve-year hiatus, he decided to write a new Leo Waterman novel, Thicker Than Water, which Thomas & Mercer promptly bought. His eighth Leo Waterman book, Chump Change, followed in 2014. Ford lives and works in Seattle, and is married to the beautiful and talented mystery author Skye Kathleen Moody.
Happy Reading!

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