Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Is Mexico! by Carol M. Merchasin

Here is a book that I would love to read. My ancestral roots are deeply rooted in Mexico, yet my visits there have been very few. I love to read and hear positive stories about the country that my family is from. 

About the Book

This is Mexico is a collection of essays on the often magical and mysterious—and sometimes heartrending—workings of everyday life in Mexico, written from the perspective of an American expatriate. 

By turns humorous and poignant, Merchasin’s stories provide an informed look at Mexican culture and history, exploring everything from healthcare, Mexican-style, to religious rituals, and from the educational role of the telenovela to the cultural subtleties of the Spanish language. 

Written with a clear for details, a warm heart for Mexico, and a lively sense of humor, This is Mexico is an insider's look at the joys, sorrows, and challenges of life in this complex country.

About the Author

Carol M. Merchasin is a lawyer, a former partner in a large law firm and an author involved in a longtime love affair with Mexico. She fell in love with the country's language, people and culture during her first trip south in 1983, and she moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2005. She is a keen observer, an experienced researcher, and an enthusiastic student of Mexican culture.

For more information about the book and author visit her WEBSITE.

Happy Reading!

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