Monday, June 23, 2014

Home Remodel Process begins

We moved into our house almost two years ago and are now beginning the long process of remodeling. We have ourselves an architect, landscape designer, contractor, engineers, and a family of helpers, as well. There is a design being worked on that will be submitted to the city sometime this summer after pricing(ack). 

It is amazing how long this process is going to take. We have had geotech engineers, civil and structural engineers come out and check the soil, the existing foundation and structure. There have been appraisers out so we can get refinanced and hopefully get enough money to fund this crazy idea of ours. 

Once plans are completed, they will be submitted to our city planning board. Then we wait. Then we wait again until the end of the "no earth work" period. 

Looking like demo will begin in April of 2015! Still fun to imagine our finished home: a master suite, open-concept floor plan (with a reading area, kitchen and family room), new outdoor living spaces. 

So exciting!

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  1. Wow - that's quite an undertaking! Home you'll keep us posted as things progress!


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