Saturday, February 1, 2014

Toddler Tales: Sick Days, pt. 2

Well, it wasn't the flu. I took her to the doctor today at the after hours clinic since her temperature was getting up to 103.4 and her cough was getting worst. The doctor listened to her chest, heard crackling and diagnosed her. Pneumonia. My poor little girl has pneumonia in her right lung. 

I feel terrible for not taking her in sooner. The nurse said there was a virus going around with those symptoms, though, and no need to come in. Well, I am glad I did today.

She took her first dose of amoxycillin and is now resting. Napping here on the couch next to me. I really hope she can get a good night's sleep tonight. Her cough has been waking her up quite a bit and she has been wetting the bed, which she has not done before.

Hoping she starts feeling better tomorrow as the antibiotics do their job.


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  1. Oh no, hope your little one is feeling better really soon! X

  2. Ohh, poor baby! :(

  3. Hi Mari,

    Sometimes it pays to trust your own instincts and ignore the anonymous voice on the end of the phone, who can't see exactly how sick your little one is.

    I hope that the antibiotics kick in soon and that she gets some relief, I'm sure she is getting all the love and care she needs!

    Take Care both of you,


    1. Yes it is. :)

      She is doing so much better.

  4. Oh no! I was forever taking the kids in right away only to find out it was just a cold and nothing could be done or taking them in later and being scolded for waiting so long. Glad you got her in and I hope she's feeling better!

    1. Exactly! I have done that recently for other things. She usually catches stuff that goes away quickly. N

    2. Oops. Not this time. ;).

      She is doing better now.

  5. Oh, poor thing! I hope she is feeling better now!


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