Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Tyringham Park by Rosemary McLoughlin

Tyringham Park by Rosemary McLaoughlin

480 pages, Paperback
Atria Books, February 2014

Source: Publisher, NetGalley in exchange for review

This is the story of the Blackshaw family- wealthy, British landowners in Ireland- and the people that serve them at Tyringham Park. The disappearance/death of the youngest Blackshaw begins this tragic, yet entertaining saga.

I could not put this one down. It starts off right away with the disappearance of 2 year old Victoria Blackshaw. We are quickly introduced to the large cast of characters- absentee father, uninvolved mother,  the older, forgotten daughter and a manipulative and abusive Nanny are just a few. Full of drama, secrets and a bit of suspense, Tyringham Park delivers a great escape from the present into the world of this aristocratic family in the early 20th century. 

Charlotte, the eldest daughter is the real standout. She shows so much potential for surviving her upbringing and making a better life for herself, but falters over and over again, losing her confidence and living in the past. Guilt? Sadness? She can't seem to escape that day when her sister was lost to her forever. 

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