Saturday, November 9, 2013

Toddler Tales: Finding time for Mom

Being a mom of a three year old, finding time for myself is often very difficult. Especially since the hubby travels for work. Breaks don't come until the little girl is in bed at 8pm. 

It is so important, though, to find some time to re-energize yourself when you can. Be it 5 minutes or 5 hours, even a little time helps. Makes you ready to engage fully with your little one. Makes you more patient, as well. 

So, if you can only get a few minutes here are some ideas...

Enjoy a cup of coffee inside while your child plays outside. Of course, keep a visual and only do if they have a safe enclosed space to play. 

Close the door when you go to the bathroom. If like me, I only do this when the hubby is around. Funny how this is relaxing. ;)

Silent reading time. The little girl and i each get a book and read quietly. I usually only get through a page or two, but that's more than if I didn't do it. 

Go for a walk. Most relaxing when the three year old is in the stroller. 

If you are lucky to get more time away, how about...

Go to a coffee shop and enjoy a latte and a book. 

Walk or hike. You always feel so much faster and lighter minus the Ergo or Bob. 

Take a nap. This is the best. Even just a 30m one is refreshing. 

Take time for yourself, at least once a day and you'll be ready to tackle the rest if your day with a little more patience. A 3 year old standing in the coffee table won't seem as scary. ;)

Moms, do you have other ideas for ways to get time for yourself? I would love to hear them. 

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