Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review and GIVEAWAY: Winter at Death's Hotel by Kenneth Cameron

Winter at Death's Hotel by Kenneth Cameron
368 pages, paperback
Published August 2013, Sourcebooks Landmark

Source: ARC sent from publisher for review

So, here is a little something different to read if you enjoy Sherlock Holme's stories or anything Sherlock related. This seemed the perfect read right now considering the Sherlock Challenge and my anxious waiting for the next season of Sherlock to start again, and it was.

This was an interesting twist. Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife are in NYC to start an American book tour. On their first night, a woman is murdered and Louisa is intrigued by the mystery since the artist's sketch in the paper looks like a woman she saw in their hotel upon their arrival. While her husband continues on the book tour, Louisa stays back and starts investigating on her own. Not easy to do being a woman in 1896 and on crutches.

Part historical fiction and part murder mystery, Winter at Death's Hotel is entertaining and fun. A good mystery, interesting characters and a great backdrop- the gritty back alley's of NYC and the posh Hotel and guests where Louisa stays. All makings for a good late night read.


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  1. Hmmm, I have not read a murder mystery in so long. I guess the last one I read was Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie which I did enjoy. Thanks for the chance to win, I loved Adventures of Sherlock Holmes for your challenge.

    1. You are getting a brand new copy of the book! Congrats. Nice and easy win for you. :) Congrats!


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