Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pin It and Do It: Halloween Craft

One item I had pinned earlier this month, was this fun art activity to do with a classroom of 2-4 year olds. It was actually one of three activities, so its simplicity was perfect.

I was looking for something with less prep and with items I already had at home. My teacher supplies came in handy. I have a huge box of cookie cutters I used for play dough and there I found the perfect pumpkin cutters in there. All I had to buy was the paper and the paint. 
The kids seemed to have a good time with the activity and there were some really great results. No paper was the same. The kids did a great job.
Here is the original pin: 

It can be found at: 

Thanks,Trish, for the challenge. 

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    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.



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