Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Kid Craft

The little girl and I had some fun today. We reused our toilet paper rolls to make some really cute Halloween decorations. We have a lot of construction paper in the house, so we had everything we needed.  There was no paint or glitter involved, so it was a non-messy craft for indoors, and there is no wait time for playing.

They were a big hit and have now found a home in her room. They had a Halloween dance party.

Would you like to make these?

Here is what you will need:

Toilet paper rolls
Construction paper (black, green, white and orange)
Tape or glue
Markers and/or crayons

For all, cut out paper same length as tube, wrap it around and tape or glue to secure.


Orange paper
Green, half length of tube. 
Cut a fringe, roll up and tuck inside top of tube. 
Black marker or crayon for face. 


Black paper
For wings, cut out a semi circle from left over paper, same diameter as tube. 
Scallop the bottom edge and cut out a small semicircle off the top. Tape to back of tube. 
Use pieces cut off from scalloped bottom as ears. 
Yellow or white crayon for face

Frankenstein's monster

Green paper
Black paper 1/4 length of tube. Attach at top for hair. 
Draw on face, scars and bolts. 


White paper
Black marker for face

Have fun!
Here is the ghost the little girl made. 

She cut out the paper with a little help from me. Taped it into the tube herself and drew the face. She embellished with the stickers. 

Happy Crafting!

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