Monday, October 11, 2010

Finding time to read

Having a new baby in the house has really made it difficult to get any reading or online time. I had big plans one night to read while little one was sleeping but by the time I had gone to the bathroom, changed into pj's, brushed teeth and cleaned up a bit, I was only able to get through a chapter before she was awake and making it known that she was ready to be fed.  

I am actually waiting for her to let me know that right now. We just got back from walking to the dry cleaners and picking up some take out about an hour ago so her nap in the car seat should be done very soon. She last ate at around 11:30am. Two hours ago!  

Anyway, Emma will be 1 month old this week! Hard to believe we have made it to a month already. She has had some fussy nights and some really good nights. Definitely ready for when she sleeps longer than 2-3 hours at a time. 

Well, looks like my time on here is done. Little one is starting to stir. 

Be sure to check out my two reviews coming in November...

Green BabyGreen Baby on November 10th for Eco-Libris' Green Books Campaign.

Very nice looking book put out by DK Publishing. Have been looking through it when I have time. Lots of great green ideas. More info to come on the 10th of November.

The Dead BoysThe Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham on November 17th.

A middle grade book that I am looking forward to reading and seeing if it will be a good one to pass on to my nephew. Always looking for books to get him reading.



  1. Not having time to read is the biggest reason I have held off on having a baby recently!

  2. I will be wearing your shoes in a few more months when my little one is born. I hope you are able to fit in quality reading time when you can. And definitely enjoy your time with Emma!

  3. lola- Haha. A good a reason as any. :)

    Literary Feline- Congrats! Hopefully you will do better than me with your reading.

  4. It will get easier, I promise. I have twin girls and I remember how hard the first few months are, but soon enough your routine will settle down. Always make sure you find some 'me' time during the day just to keep your sanity.

  5. My baby is due in the next few weeks and I'm already wondering if I'll fit any reading in at the beginning! Besides baby reading that is.

  6. Stacy- Congratulations! And good luck with your reading :)

  7. Vivienne- I am counting down the months. :) We have made it though the first month!

  8. It has been so many years for me... but I do recall it taking some time to get it all down reading, baby, knitting... it does happen though...keep the faith and enjoy that precious bundle.

  9. Thanks, Toni. I am hoping we get this all figured out soon. Right now, I am enjoying the fact that I got 8 hrs of sleep last night. went to sleep at 10pm, fed Emma at 2am, and again at 6am. She then woke up at 9! I am feeling rested. :)


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