Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review: Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

ExtraordinaryPhoebe Rothschild is an ordinary girl in a family of extraordinary people. When Mallory, a mysterious new girl starts at school,  Phoebe befriends her not knowing that she has been pinpointed by the faeries to save them.

An interesting new take on the faerie world and I did like the way it was weaved in with the history of the Rothschild family. What I had a hard time with was the relationship between Phoebe and Ryland, Mallory's brother. It was hard to read as she abused verbally, emotionally and probably sexually and she takes it all and professes her love for him throughout. I realize there was some faerie glamour at work here, but it still felt wrong to have her so broken down in this way. 

I am always looking for strong female characters in YA books,  and Phoebe just isn't that character for most of this book. As a teacher, as a woman, as a mom-to-be, I worry about young girls being portrayed in this way, as not strong enough to realize that they are being abused, so easily manipulated and brought down. Was really hoping for this book and for the characters to be a little more, well, extraordinary.

Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin was released September 7th. 


Source: Library Thing Early Reviewers


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