Sunday, September 13, 2009

BBAW Blogger Spotlight

Its that time of the year again and first on the agenda for the week is to spotlight blogs that were not shortlisted for the BBAW Awards. There are so many wonderful book blogs around the internets that even spotlighting a few here is difficult. There are at least 100 blogs in my Google Reader that I follow. 

How to choose blogs to spotlight???

It's too hard. So, I am going to point you to my post from yesterday. (Taking the easy route, I know). I shared some awards with over 20 wonderful blogs, many of them were not shortlisted for the BBAW awards so go and check them out and share some comment love!

Here's to a great week of appreciating book bloggers!!


  1. It's hard for me to spotlight on my favourite blogs too because there are too many! :)

    Happy BBAW!

  2. I limited myself to 5 when I did my post yesterday. My Google Reader is always exploding, so I could have been there all day naming awesome blogs.

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