Tuesday, May 6, 2008

suffer well

It has been one week/weekend from hell. I won't be going into details but it's been a little rough.
What made my day yesterday? Opening my mailbox and finding this lovely skein of yarn, though, brought a much needed smile to my face.


I love it. Thanks, Amanda!

It is a bamboo/merino mix in Cordial from NH Knitting Mama Yarns. Absolutely lovely and so soft!

Another thing that made me smile...a friend let me borrow her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books. I have only seen the movie and have wanted to read these for awhile. Yay.

sanity savers

I am also almost done with the first of my Luna socks.


  1. Oh, I'm glad that the yarn brought a smile to your face. That brings a smile to mine.

  2. Love the Luna socks. Very pretty. The NH Knitting Mama yarn is always gorgeous too.

  3. Warning about the Sisterhood books: they get progressively worse. I loved the first one. I have the latest one (4th), but haven't yet read it...I am hoping it's not as bad as the 2nd and 3rd.

  4. Beautiful yarn! Isn't it wonderful how something as simple as yarn can make our day!

  5. Beautiful yarn! Isn't it amazing how small things like getting yarn in the mail can make you feel so much better.

  6. Love the yarn! I can imagine that that made you smile!

    Hope your week gets better!


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