Monday, May 12, 2008

i can't be trusted

(archived from mariknits)

I knew I couldn't be trusted at a bookstore to leave empty handed. It is a given: I go in, I leave with a book.

Well, this morning I went to the grocery store to buy some gluten free shark fruit snacks (for sorting and eating at school) and what would be sitting in the book rack by the checkout line? This book that I have been debating whether or not to pick up. Did they know I would have no restraint if it was so conveniently placed and marked down $7 off the cover price?

I can no longer be trusted to go to the grocery store!

BTW, Alana-Knit Wit over at stringsandpearls is having a contest! It is her blogiversary! Go and leave her a comment and tell her I sent ya!

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