Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break has come to an end. It has been an amazing week. 

After a workout on Sunday. The family and I headed north to Bodega Bay for a couple nights. We stopped in Santa Rosa for some beer and lunch at Russian River Brewing Company before heading West to the coast.

We absolutely love staying at the Bodega Bay Lodge. Big room, fireplace, views of the ocean. Their restaurant is yummy, there is a pool and hot tub and it is walking distance to the beach. Perfect for all of us. It was a bit windy on the beach, but the little girl sill had fun.

After a day at home, the hubby and I flew off to Las Vegas where we met my sister for a couple nights. The little girl went to stay with her grandparents. She was very excited about that.

Spring break
My sister and I went to The Killers concert the first night there after a really great sushi dinner and a long walk over to the new Arena. Thursday we slept in then wandered the Strip. Both days, by the way, according to my FitBit, we had over 20,000 steps!

Spring break
So, dinner that night was quite an experience. We went to é by José Andrés, a tiny 8-9 seat restaurant within a restaurant. We had 20 courses of some amazing Spanish cuisine. It was so good and fun to do at least once in your lifetime. 

I have to say, Vegas at 40- so much more fun than at 20. Spending our money on awesome meals instead of gambling and cheap booze was so much more entertaining. And we went to bed before midnight and weren't drunk in the morning. Nice. 

Spring break

Back home now and the laundry is calling to me. 

Happy Travels!


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