Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Out for a Hike

The weather has been pretty amazing lately. 

It has been perfect for being outside and enjoying the many parks here in the Bay Area. So many trails to explore. One of my goals is to walk/run at least 10 miles each week and hiking through the parks around here makes it so much easier to do than just running the streets in my neighborhood.

I have been trying to get 3-4 miles in three times a week. Going out in the morning after dropping the little girl off at school. Some days I run, other days I walk. Sometimes I do both. Next month the real training begins for my half in July. 
Now I just need to remember to take some allergy meds before going out. I am suffering right now. Can't stop sneezing.
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Happy Hiking!


  1. My allergies are bad too, today especially. You go on getting in your mileage. I ran 3.24 mi today and damn it was hot; it was only 11 a.m. and past 70°. I was so red in the face and dripping sweat.

    1. I have to go early when there is still some shade and it is cooler.

  2. Those looks like great places for walking / hiking / running. I have allergies, too. Since I'm allergic to dust and mold as well as all the outside things, I take medicine every day. On the worst days, I find it helps to take a shower and change my clothes as soon as I come indoors.


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