Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Broken by CJ Lyons

Broken by CJ Lyons
336 pages, Hardcover
Published November 2013, Sourcebooks Fire

Source: Sent by publisher for review

Scarlet knows she is dying but wants the chance to be a normal girl and experience high school even if just for a little while. And she is willing to take the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with it.

Scarlet is an interesting character. She is strong and weak at the same time. I was amazed at her tenacity and need to feel like a normal high school student. She quickly makes friends, stands up to a bully and falls for a boy. All exactly what she was looking for.

It is really too bad that the high school she attends seems full of more bullies and drama than most. The racing of her heart when a cute boy touches her seemed very real, the kids teasing her and making threats all because she has a weak heart and could die seemed terrible and unrealistic. Of course, I haven't been in high school for a very long time, perhaps kids have gotten meaner. The real threat, though, isn't the bullies.

Really, a good read for any YA enthusiast, both contemporary and thriller.

For more info about the book and author visit her WEBSITE.

Also, check out CJ Lyons guest post here for more insight into her inspiration for the character of Scarlet.
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  1. This sounds quite good. I read a book by C.J. Lyons years ago and enjoyed it. I'll have to check further into this one.

    1. I really enjoyed it. There is a surprise ending which I saw coming, but I read a lot of mystery books. Hard to surprise me. :)


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