Saturday, December 7, 2013

Literary Advent Calendar

Instead of hanging my advent calendar and filling it with treats, the little girl and I will be choosing one book from my very large selection of Christmas and winter themed books to read each night before bed. A different book each night until Christmas! I am very excited about it. I am sure she is, too. 

I first heard of this idea at Joyful Abode awhile back and absolutely loved it. What a great way to get the little girl excited for the holidays and to help foster her love of reading. She also has absolutely no need for extra treats! 

I have a large collection of books from teaching prekindergarten, so we are all set for the whole month. The only thing I didn't do was wrap each book like Emily did. I am so not a fan of wrapping. It would never have gotten done. A basket of unwrapped books to choose from works fine. ;)

Our first book was Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry. It was the perfect read to start the season, especially since we got our tree, and it was also too tall for our house. I didn't allow our top to be cut off, though. 

Here is what else we have read this week:

Happy Holidays!

This post was checked and found to have three issues, which were explained and then fixed by me. There were two missing commas and a problem with mixed tenses. That last one is always something I have to check.

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  1. We are trying this idea out too. Unfortunately, it's not getting the same interest as the chocolate calendar that Grandma bought, but he have read some fun books such as Are You Grumpy Santa Claus and Mortimer's Christmas Manger.

    1. How about a piece of chocolate while reading the book. :)

      Haven't heard of these books before. Will have to check them out.


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