Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Shake Down the Stars by Renee Swindle

Shake Down the Stars by Renee Swindle
352 pages, Paperback
Published August 2013, NAL/Penguin

Source: ARC sent by author for review

It has been five years since Piper's four year old daughter was killed in a car accident. Her family, which aren't all that functional themselves, are worried about her drinking, her relationship with her ex-husband and her dalliances with random men. When she finally hits rock bottom, Piper realizes she needs to get help and live a life that her daughter would be proud of. She has to learn to deal with her sister and mother, the guilt she feels about her daughter and learn to love herself.

I really enjoyed this book. Piper is a flawed character and does things that aren't very attractive, but she is easy to like despite that. I felt for her and imagined how I would react in the same situation. You just don't know how someone will deal with the loss of a child. I liked her journey to sobriety and happiness. It had its ups and downs. It felt real. 

Her relationship with Selwyn was secondary to her relationship with herself and her lost daughter. I liked that. I liked that he was there for her by not being there for her for most of the book. He has these quick dips into the story here and there and always seems to help her out when she is in desperate need, then leaves and gives her the space she wants until she feels she deserves happiness and something/someone good.

I can't wait to read more Renee Swindle. Thanks for sending this my way. 

For more information about the book and author, visit her WEBSITE.

Happy Reading!

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