Friday, June 7, 2013

Toddler Tales 4: Self-weaning completed

The little girl and I have finally said goodbye to breastfeeding. It is a little bittersweet, I have to admit.

Breastfeeding wasn't easy at first. I needed a lot of help getting started and was very lucky to have a great lactation nurse at the hospital. For three months we used a nipple shield. The little girl decided when she didn't need it anymore. We EBF until she was 6 months old, when we started to introduce solids- a mix of purees, cereal and BLW. As she got older, she stopped asking to BF during the day unless we were at home and she was tired or hurt. 

With how hard it was to get started, I am very happy that we were able to continue for so long. She self weaned at 2.5. We were down to once a day for awhile but about a month ago, that last one went away. I was looking forward to the end but now that it has been a few weeks, I do miss it. It was a nice quiet way to end the day with the little girl. Instead, we now read a couple books sitting in the glider, and then read Goodnight, Moon while she is in bed before I turn off the light. 

She has started wanting one of us to stay in the room with her until she falls asleep. She also gets really upset if she wakes in the middle of the night and her lady bug nightlight isn't shining its stars and moon up on the ceiling. So, I guess being scared of the dark and monsters are the next phase and the only way to comfort her is through hugs and  words. 

Up next for us: Potty Training! 
Happy Reading!

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  1. Oh wow, what a sweet post! I think it's one of those milestones that will definitely be bittersweet for me, too.

  2. How lucky that she self-weaned. Sometimes it's hard to get little ones to give things up when it gets to be time. Sounds like you've found a great way to still have bonding time at bed time!


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