Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Snapshot: Playing with Clay

Every Thursday I drive north into San Francisco to spend three hours in the basement of the building seen here. While there I play with clay. I prefer hand building to the wheel for a few reasons: less set up and clean up, different shapes other than bowls and vases, being able to use textures and being able to socialize with others while doing it.

Thursdays are my nights out to have dinner on my own, or visit with SF friends. Sometimes I have errands and appointments but that does extend my time in the city. Now don't get me wrong, I love being home with the little girl and the hubby but nights away are good for my sanity. 

Anyway, I thought I would share some pics of some items I have made this year for Saturday Snapshot.  (Details below) 

Happy Reading (and playing with clay)!
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  1. Yay for playing with clay! Ceramics are fun. (As is time away from the fam, sometimes.) :D

    1. They are! Had my first class back for the summer on Thursday. Love working with the clay.

  2. I learnt this some years ago. I need to go back. Thanks for reminding me.

    You made some great bowls!!

    Here is my snapshot post

  3. Those are lovely! I agree that it's great to have some time away from the family, especially when you're raising a young child. Glad you're taking some time to yourself.

  4. Oh I'm so envious.
    I did some hand building clay work about 10 years ago and lOVED it.
    Life has got in the way since, but I'd love to return to it one day. Your creations are lovely - so unique and personal - I love that kind of stuff :-)

  5. Hi Mari,

    You have created some beautiful pieces and you have an obvious passion for the art.

    I wish I were a little more creative, however I have such an analytical and compartmentalised brain, that I just can't let myself go and get into anything that works 'outside the box'

    I do enjoy knitting and crochet work and surprisingly, I have the patience to sit for hours working on a jigsaw puzzle, but that's about the extent of my creative expertise!

    Thanks for sharing some of your masterpieces, they really are lovely.

    Enjoy your trip to Maine.



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