Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals for 2013

I like making goals for myself at the beginning of the year. Here is my list from last year:

2011 Goals:
1. Turn the TV off while LO is awake. I fear it has been on a bit too much. We do go outside a lot for walks in Golden Gate Park and trips to the playground. Most recently-bike rides! Less TV is always a good thing.
2. More Mommy time. I am a stay at home mom, so I am with the little girl all day, every day. I have tried getting some time for myself- I started a book group with friends, but it is not much. Once a month, and when the hubby is out of town for work I either miss or have to take E with me. Am thinking pedicures, yoga class, etc.
3. Lose some weight! This has an ongoing struggle. I am more active these days than I have been in awhile, which is good. But my eating habits haven't changed much, which is not so good. I have a Weight Watchers online account that I haven't been using the past couple months. I need to start that up again. As far as being active- daily walks, sometimes walk/run Couch to 5k training- I have a 5K next Sunday, bike rides. 
4. Cooking. One thing that would help with #3 would be to eat at home more. We eat out a lot and I know cooking some low cal, healthier meals at home would do some wonders. I have never been a fan of cooking, so this one will be hard.
5. Reading. I need to put down the iPad games, turn off the TV and read more. I have missed my nightly reading and have in the past couple weeks started to go to bed an hour earlier so I can read before turning off the lights. Need to continue this.
6. Blogging. I want to find more time to get online regularly to post and to read the blogs I have missed reading the past 1+ year. I am also excited to have some books lined up for reviews. It's been awhile since I felt that I had time to accept some.

I was more successful with some more than others.  1)TV is still an issue sometimes. Despite play and outside time everyday, the TV does still get turned on a bit too much. 2) More Mommy time was successful. Book group has continued, I take a ceramics class one night a week, and I even managed to leave Emma overnight a few times this year with her grandparents so we could get some much needed mom (and dad) time. 3) Have been working on this more since we moved. I take some Stroller Strides classes at least three times a week and have started to see some results. 4) This was put on hold when we moved. We just got a stove top that works. So, now the cooking begins! 5) Definitely got some more reading done in 2012 than 2011, but not to my previous numbers. 6) This one was a fail. Miss visiting blogs.

So, looking at this list, I see some that I need to continue working on and some I can take off my goals for 2013. 

Goals for 2013

1. Turn the electronics off. Limit daily TV time, iPad and iPhone play for the LO and for me. 

2. Reading. Turning those listed above off will increase the books I read each day. Within this goal, I have a few little ones: Make a dent in my TBR Pile, and read 1 new book to the little girl each day.

3. Stay Active. 20 min a day is doable. I already go to Stroller Strides at least 3 times a week. I am also training (kind of) for a 5K in February. My goal for the 5K is to beat last years time of 45min. Hoping to cut off 15 min, but not so sure I can do that.

4. Blogging. Once again, I was not as present here as I would like. Time to visit more blogs and post more!
Do you have any goals for the New Year?

Happy Reading!

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