Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toddler Tales 3: Halloween Fun!

Having a two year old during the Halloween season is amazing. We have been having so much fun decorating and putting "ah-oh-ween" everywhere.

Today we put up spiderwebs on the porch and the little girl helped to attach the little black spiders all over it. She was more interested on sitting on the pumpkins we got over the weekend but it was still fun.

Our crafty activity today was using foam stickers of face parts and putting them on cut-out foam pumpkins. We have some crazy looking jack-o-lanterns in our window!

Activity ( letter recognition, name knowledge):

While the little girl was in bed last night I cut out some small pumpkins from orange construction paper and wrote a letter of her name on each one. We will mix them up and arrange them correctly so they spell her name. She will be able to play with them for a few days and eventually we will glue them on a paper with a fence and learn the song 5 little pumpkins. The little girl's name is only four letters so there will be an extra to add on. :)

Decorations, crafts and treats. So much to do. The most exciting part for me is how much she has been enjoying the Halloween books I pulled out for her. We read a "ah-oh-ween" book every night!

Here are her favorites:

Froggy's Halloween by Jonathon London

It's Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall

On Halloween Night by Harriet Ziefert


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  1. I absolutely love this Mari! And I'm sure the little girl is having an absolute blast. We'll be out of town the rest of the month so sadly I didn't really decorate, but we did visit the pumpkin patch and Elle adored the puh-pas and wanted to carry them all around.

    Definitely makes the holidays exciting, huh?


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