Thursday, October 11, 2012

Orange October

These playoff games are TORTURE! My goodness, the Giants really know how to keep us fans on the edge of our seats.

Let's Go Giants!

Anyway, October has been a slow month for me so far. I am still reading 2 of 3 books I was reading when the month started. One may be a dnf. I am having a hard time getting through the Steve Jobs book. I just don't feel the need to read any more about his temper tantrums and bratty ways. I have a toddler.

My other book, Dead Ringer, is good but I have been bad about reading. I have been knitting, watching baseball, taking care of said toddler. My reading time has been on the low side. I am half way through. Just need a few hours to sit and read.

I have been really missing all the fall online bookish activities: RIP, Dewey's Readathon, BBAW, etc. Was hoping to get back into it all this year but a 2yo takes a lot of energy and time. :) next year!

I do have a review for you all- Heat Wave by Richard Castle. Look for that next Thursday. And here are the books on my bedside table to be read next:

Abdication by Juliet Nicholson
The Girl on the Cliff by Lucinda Riley
The Listeners by Harrison Demchick

Happy reading!

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