Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review: The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition by Stephen King
Published by Doubleday, 1990

I finally finished! It was long, but well worth the read. 

So much going on in this book, but just so well written. It is a story of survival, of redemption and humanity. It is the fight between good and evil, both real and imagined. There really is so much to laud in this book- the characters, the pacing, the parallels with the Bible and the story itself.

Now, I assume that most people know what The Stand is about, but for those who are not familiar with it- a quick synopsis. A deadly disease is released into the world, a flu that wipes out quite a large percentage of the population. Those who survive must make the choice of whether to join Mother Abigail or go and join the dark man in the west. A choice between good and evil. A small band of those with Mother Abigail are chosen to make the final Stand against Randall Flagg and save humanity.

Definitely, the best book by King I have read. So happy I was finally able to read it. I was a little hesitant after being disappointed with the tv movie. This was so much better. I feel a remake is in need.
Thanks, Trish for the Standalong!

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  1. Oh, yes, the TV version is miserably hilarious! Glad you enjoyed it, I love Stephen King books. Feel free to link up to The Stephen King Project as well.

    I had such a blast with The Stand, it is absolutely incredible. If you feel like joining another one, we're currently reading IT right now. Fizzy Thoughts and Reading Thru the Night are co-hosting the #ITalong!

    They are doing a remake and Ben Affleck is at the helm! I put a fantasy cast together with an open letter to Mr. Affleck (not that he'll read it), but just in case, he does, I don't want him to mess it up! :)

    1. I have no idea why it did all that spacing! Sorry about that :)


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