Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: Lip Service by M.J. Rose

Lip Service by M.J. Rose
Paperback, 326 pages
Published by Atria Books , 1999

I was expecting another Fifty Shades of Grey with this one but was really pleasantly surprised to have liked this story so much more.  This is more about making a passive woman, who has lost a part of herself, stronger. Yes, there is a bit of explicit sexual situations but they are there for a purpose, not just to fill up space. There is a good story here.

Julia is married to a psychiatrist who treats her more like a patient rather than a wife. He keeps her medicated, tells her what to do and how to act to keep up his appearances. She is stifled from being herself. She gets the opportunity to write a book, for a sex therapist she meets at one of her husband's events, documenting his success with a new therapy-phone sex. She decides to get trained as a "therapist" for research and starts taking phone calls. 

Through these calls, she rediscovers a lost part of herself and realizes what is missing from her marriage-intimacy, love, respect and trust. Not that she gets these from the calls, but the fact that she is doing them, enjoying it and beginning to come out of her shell all without the consent and knowledge of her husband. 

There is also a bit of suspense thrown in.  Enjoy.

Source: Publisher for review

Author's website: www.mjrose.com


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