Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Review: Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler

Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler
Paperback and ebook, 402 pages
Published April 2012 by Astor+Blue Editions LLC

Dead End Deal is a frightening look into the ruthless pharmaceutical business. It shows the possible lengths executives of big businesses can go to to make their company money and on the other side, what scientists will do to get their research completed. I really hope this is a complete work of fiction and not based on the real companies. You will never want to take your medicines again.

Richard Stillman has the job of bringing his business a successful treatment for Alzheimer and he will do anything to make it happen including hiring a hit man to scare the only person close enough to do it into selling him his research and findings. Jon Ritter, a neurosurgeon, on the verge of starting approved human trials for his Alzheimer treatment, is attacked and told to stop his work. He and the police believe it is the work of a radical pro-life group, The Avengers. 

I know, it seems like I am giving the mystery away, but really I am not. This all happens in the first few chapters of the book. I was a bit frustrated over the fact that I knew who was behind everything going on. I would have preferred the mystery of not knowing who was behind the attacks on Jon and his colleagues and the reason for them.

Despite that, I did enjoy it. There were some surprises still and enough suspense to keep me interested. I thought the medical/scientific information was very realistic and yet would be accessible to non-medical readers.  You can really tell when books are written by experts in the fields they write about. I am very interested to read more by Wyler. 

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