Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Book Group: The Shining by Stephen King

I was so worried that I would be the only one reading this book. Everyone seemed so hesitant to read a horror genre book at our last meeting. Surprisingly all but one read it! Yay!- and on top of that, everyone really enjoyed it. I hosted this week and loved having people here to enjoy my Halloween decor. 
This months book: The Shining by Stephen King

Thoughts about the book:
I was so excited to hear that everyone had a hard time putting this book down since I had the same reaction. I was reading it every chance I had. Most of us really liked the psychological aspect of the book- not knowing if what was happening was real or all in their heads. 

The Overlook definitely had an affect on all of us readers. One had a creepy experience in a building with fire doors closing and alarms going off and getting freaked out by the fire hoses in the hall. Agh! The rest of us were just a little more aware of the dark and noises in our homes.

Popular Question:
What was the significance of the wasps/wasp's nest?
This was one that we didn't really have an answer for. It came up a few times- different character's experience with wasp nests and then again at then end. It seemed to simple that it was just a reference to the Overlook being its own kind of wasp nest. It seems like something more. Ideas?

We also had fun comparing the book to the movie. We all decided the book was better.

Next Months book: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein


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