Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jewelry Art Designs

Before finding out I was pregnant and dealing with the terrible morning (all day) sickness I had promised a review to Sarah of Jewelry Art Designs. This is very late in coming. 

Sarah sent me this lovely pendant on a very simple silver chain.  I was a little worried that the chain would be too short for my rather thick neck but I was excited to see that the chain has three links spaced evenly along it to adjust the length. A very nice detail.

Pendant Info:

14k Gold, 14k Rose Gold, and White Gold Rhodium Bonded Bouquet Pendant Made up of Rose Golden, Golden, and Silver Flowers with Round Clear CZ in the Center of Each in Silvertone

Summer Bouquet is a floral display of rose, gold, and silver flowers with blissful clear round CZ in the middle of each. White Gold Rhodium Bond is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of rhodium, a close cousin of platinum that costs three times as much, which gives our jewelry a platinum luster.

The delicate flowers are beautiful and the different metals makes this pendant perfect no matter what type of jewelry you wear- gold, silver, etc. It goes with everything. It is also a lovely add to my spring wardrobe. 

I received a lot of compliments from coworkers and students when I wore it to work. The girls especially thought it was very pretty. When I don't wear it they ask about it. One even asked if she could have it. :)
Love those little 4 year olds. 

Be sure to check out Sarah's other jewelry on her site, including some really nice earrings. You can find those here.

Thanks, Sarah, for sending the pendant my way and sorry for the delay. I really had no clue it would take me so long to post about it.

(Borrowed photo from Sarah's site, I took pics but my camera got erased somehow. I blame the hubby.)

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  1. Oh! the dreaded morning sickness. I didn't have it too bad, but I was still relieved when the first trimester was over, and I started feeling great. Hopefully, that's what will happen to you.

    The jewelry is beautiful. Funny about the four-year-old asking if she could have it. I wouldn't be that surprised to hear one of my high school students ask either, ha, ha.


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