Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book Review- Back Creek by Leslie Goestch

Back Creek: A Novel Back Creek: A Novel by Leslie Goetsch

Back Creek is the story of Grace, the summer after graduating from high school. For most, this would be a time filled with friends, parties and fun before getting ready to leave for college, but for Grace it is different. She is a homebody, lives in her books and prefers only the company of Cal across the creek. When she sees a boat speeding down the creek one early morning, she has no idea that it will not be the only shock of the summer and the catalyst for her to do something more.

Set in 1975, Back Creek takes place in the year that I was born. Despite this I had no problem relating to Grace and understanding what she goes through this summer. I definitely felt for her as she unexpectedly has to deal with a borderline alcoholic father, an absent mother, her returned sister that had left five years before, a death, and the boy she loves but is still dealing with memories from the war.

“Amazing Grace” is what Cal calls her and it is very evident that that is what she is as she gracefully deals with her family and friend. This was a great coming of age story. I truly enjoyed every bit of it.




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