Friday, June 6, 2008

hot in the city

Our AC is out.

It is *bleeping* hot in here.

No knitting for awhile, methinks.

Well, maybe if it is cooler in here at 3am.

Hope you all have a cooler weekend than me. :)


  1. Nope, it's blazing here, too. At least our AC kinda works...

  2. Here in western PA its blazing as well. We do have some air. Remember when there used to be spring and early summer? Seems like I must have been 15 at the time.

  3. That was very nice of you to visit Karen's blog (earth2karen). They are now completely satisfied with the outcome of the contest. Stay cool.

  4. It's freakin' hot here too...did we skip June & July altogether? GEEZ!

  5. I do hope they get it fixed soon! Just leave the heat there please! Please! I don't want it. Really. We're fine here.


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