Tuesday, December 18, 2007

you can never have too much yarn

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day. I left work early, made dough for the gingerbread cookies I have to take to work tomorrow for the kids' decorating party, I bought yarn, I went and had sushi for dinner. Very nice day.

Did I mention yarn? Yup, more Malabrigo yumminess. The hubby asked for a knitted hat for his brother for Christmas. So, of course I went straight to the yarn shop on the way to my hair appointment. I can't just go in and buy one skein, so I came out with three! I must say, Malabrigo has the best names for their yarns. Paris nights, sealing wax, dark forest!

Look at these! Beautiful, aren't they?

paris nightsealing waxdark forest

I already finished the hat for the BIL and have begun foliage in the reddish-orange chunky. I am thinking it will be for one of my SILs. The other SIL is getting gloves, so I better handknit for the other one as well.

Ooh, and the birthday fun continued into this morning. I got to work and found a bag on my desk. This is what I found inside...
birthday yarn

Do my friends know me, or what?

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