Monday, December 10, 2007

cookies galore

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Lots and lots of cookies. They were all bagged and sent off to school to be given to coworkers this morning. Unfortunately, there are some still in the house. It makes it difficult to start my healthy eating plan!

This crazyness was not all my doing. A friend, who does this every year wanted to break in my remodeled kitchen, so, she brought over her stuff and we got to work. We started at 10am and finished everything, bagging included, at 4pm. We made three batches of each cookie. Snickerdoodles, chocolate crinkles and peanut butter blossoms. We also made Rice Krispie treats. Yum!

It was quite the production. We attempted fudge, but that went in the trash last night. It never set. Oh well.

Wish I could share with you all.

Happy Holidays!


  1. The cookies look wonderful. I SO WISH I had some right now!

    Fudge is not easy by any means. Don't despair.

  2. Yuuuuummmmm!

    I do have the best fudge recipe if you want it. Easy as pie, or easier. It's just sweetened condensed milk, chocolate nuts, vanilla and salt melted together and poured in a pan. Good stuff! Did it for the whole office and they were happy.

  3. The cookies look really delicious!
    For future reference, fudge that will not set makes wonderful ice cream topping :)


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