Thursday, March 8, 2007

spring has sprung

Look, spring is almost here. It is in the seventies and the trees are blossoming. It's hard to believe it is still cold in other parts of the country. I mean, I know it is still technically winter, but it really doesn't feel like it here.
Since it is too hot to work with wool right now I got myself 14 balls of Tahki 100% bamboo ribbon yarn.
The package showed up in the mail yesterday and I immediatly cast on this sweater. Ruffled Surplice.

It is the softest, springiest yarn I have ever used. And cool! It makes an absolutely perfect project for Spring. The color is really great, too. It's a periwinkle blue, almost purple. So pretty.

This is coming with me on my ski trip this week. Spring Break! Woot!

I love being a teacher.


  1. Er... "water" = "sweater" WTF.

  2. Why am I not at all shocked that you are knitting the water on that cover? I bought the issue specidically so I could knit that (and one other sweater) at some point! Do we ever choose anything different? ;)


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