Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Break is Upon Us

It's funny to not be cheering for summer break like I used to when I was a teacher. Now I am a parent and wondering what I will be doing to fill the little girl's summer days. Camps? Day trips? Play Dates? 

We are, luckily, in the perfect place to be able to do all of the above. Preschool friends and new TK friends are always ready to do something fun like go to the beach, go berry picking, head to a museum in the city and so much more. 

We have her enrolled in a couple week long camps this summer and all of June is basically filled with traveling. We seem to think we can manage a long road trip through the desert with a 5 year old. Ha! 

We shall see how that goes. 

We have fun stops planned, though. Sedona for a couple nights, Taos with friends, Holbrook on the way back to meet up with some family, Giants/Diamondbacks game in Phoenix. And stops at my parents both on the way out and back.

Any fun activities, ideas for keeping a 5 year old entertained on the road?

Happy Reading!

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