Thursday, January 28, 2016

I need something to knit

I have not knit one thing since before Christmas. I packed up my knitting into a bin before having guests over through the holidays and I have yet to pull it back out. I am not lacking in supplies. I have plenty of yarn- just need a pattern. Something that calls to me and needs to be made. Any ideas?

A portable and quick project would be best. No blankets. No Sweaters. 

Socks? Hat? Some fingerless mitts?


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  1. The Purl Bee's Colorblock Handwarmers is an easy pattern. I knitted them in sock yarn and didn't change colors, just used variegated yarn. That would be portable. Susan B. Anderson's Modern Rib Hat is easy as well. Turban(d) by Amélie Bernier is easy for the most part. I just knitted that for a swap.


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