Thursday, July 2, 2015

Half Marathon Training and Injury

I have not been training for this half marathon as I should be. It is less than a month away and the most miles I have run is 6. Not bad, for me, but not really where I should be. The problem is my susceptibility to injury. I tend to hurt myself walking, shaving my legs... I am a klutz. 
Since I have started training, I have fallen and given myself the ugliest road rash and my knee doesn't seem quite right after that. I threw my back out. That shaving mention above...yeah. And now, after a nice 4.8 mile run on Saturday, I have shin splint pain. 
Perhaps I am not made for this?

A friend of mine is flying in from Texas to run this half marathon with me so I will still be doing it. I have warned her that I will be slow, and will be walking a bit of it. 

For the rest of this week, I will be letting my leg recover. Stretching, icing, and rest are on the schedule. It's kind of funny, but I really want to go out for a jog or be at my workout lass that I am missing this morning. Before, I would have been happy to sit on my butt. 

Happy Recovery!


  1. Well, this is no good! Heal up, maybe find a less dangerous way to get your workout in after the half!

    1. No kidding! ;) Will be taking it easy on the running.


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