Thursday, May 28, 2015

Imaginary Things by Andrea Lochen

Imaginary Things by Andrea Lochen
400 pages, Paperback
Published April 2015, Astor+Blue Editions

Source: sent for review by publisher

Do your kids have imaginary friends? Did you as a child? 

This book follows a young single mother and her son as they try and adjust to a new life in the country with family that are helping them out. While there an unexpected occurrence happens. One that seems impossible and kinda crazy. 

Having just dealt with her son's father being diagnosed bi-polar, Anna thinks she may be losing it when she starts seeing her son's imaginary friends come to life. Are they dangerous? She doesn't know, but she worries for his safety. 

I really enjoyed the magical feel of this book. Not knowing what was real or imagined made for a little suspense mixed in with a very nice story about family, love and figuring out the real and imagined dangers in our lives.

About the Author

Andrea Lochen is the author of two novels, IMAGINARY THINGS and THE REPEAT YEAR. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan. She teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha and lives in Madison with her husband and daughter.

For more information about the book and author visit her WEBSITE.

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  1. So it's kind of a magical realism book then?

    1. Yes it is. I just keep thinking how weird it would be if I could see my little girl's "neighbors". :)


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