Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life

Trish had this great idea to have bloggers take a day to share a Day in the Life post. I really wanted to participate and a share a typical day here. So, here it is...

Wednesday, March 18th

6:54am Woken up by the little girl calling me from her room. Early wake up due to another accident in the bed. Got her bed stripped, little girl changed. Asked her to hang out for a bit so I can get 20 more minutes of sleep. 

7:30 More "Mommy"s and crying. Hungry, hurt herself, doesn't want to be in her room. 

7:45 Making breakfast. More crying because she doesn't want egg. 

8:00 Eat breakfast. Egg and feta scrambles on whole wheat English muffins. Crying for cartoons. 

8:15 Crying for candy. Since when do we eat candy in the morning? Mom is going to be crying soon. I could not fall asleep last night so am tired and have had no coffee yet. Need caffeine!

8:20 Cartoon (15 min Sprout show) and vitamins. I get dressed and ready to leave for school. Wishing it was a drop off day. Co-op work day for me this morning. Sink full of dishes will have to wait until later, as will the washer full of wet, stinky sheets and pajamas. 

8:40 Walk to school. The walk and the cool morning should help refresh me. Little girl is very quiet in the BOB on the way over. It's like she knew I needed it. Ahhh. Hope someone has already made the coffee. 

9:00-12:00 School time. Didn't get coffee until almost 10! 23 four and five year olds, 3 teachers and 8 parents... Sometimes this is harder than when I had 18 kids and just me. How can that be? In charge of art. Lots of glitter! Need lots of coffee! Oh no, glitter in my coffee.
I do get some adult conversation in, though. That was nice.

12:20 walk home. Much warmer out now. Get lunch ready while E waits for a friend to come over. Gets a little sad when learns she won't be coming until later in the afternoon.

1-1:30 Lunch of fruit and toaster waffles. They were whole wheat. :) 

1:30-2:45 Rest time. Little girl is in her room playing. Calling for me after only 20minutes. Continues the whole time. Time tacked on to end to make up. No nap for me. 

3:30-  P over for a play date. While they tear up the room, I prep for dinner, wash the stinky sheets from this morning, and type up my review of The Witch of Painted Sorrows to post tomorrow. The girls were very cute playing Cinderella outside. Running up the stairs, losing the shoe, bringing it over to see if it fits. Loved listening to them act it out.

4:45- P picked up. M brings over an onion so I can make my sauce for dinner.

5:00- Make dinner while the little girl watches some Disney,Jr. 

6:00- Dinner! We have baked broccoli and chicken pesto stuffed shells. One of the meals I made with our Make Ahead Moms and Dads. Much better with the added sauce. The shells were dry last time. Little girl refused the broccoli but ate up the shells.

7:00- Bedtime routine commences. First, FaceTime with Daddy, who is out of town for work. Brush teeth, potty, pajamas and book. She chooses another Magic School Bus book. Now I wait for the little girl to fall asleep because she throws a fit if I leave the room. Need to break her of this habit, especially now that it takes her forever to fall asleep. What happened to 20 minutes! An hour is way to long sitting here waiting for her to sleep.

7:55- Little girl is asleep! Yay! She was quick tonight. Time for a shower then a glass of wine. Have to finish knitting a baby blanket for a shower next weekend and continue assembling the lights for the shower all while watching some TV. iZombie and The Sound of Music special with Diane Sawyer .  

11:00- tv off, clean up kitchen, get ready for bed. 

11:30- read a chapter or two of my book for book group. Daemon by Daniel Saurez. 

11:45- get distracted by games on my iPad. 

12:30- lights out and attempt to sleep. Probably fall asleep an hour later. 

Happy Reading!

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  1. I didn't realize that you guys did a co-op school--I don't know much about them but it sounds like such an interesting concept! And the crying over things just not so. Lately mine has been whining about this or that or the other and it can be frustrating, especially when it tacks on extra time. We also attempted panties the past couple of weeks but I just couldn't take the laundry so we're back in pull-ups. Sigh. And the nighttime, too. I'm surprised after such a long day that you're able to read a chapter or two without falling asleep!

    Thanks for participating Mari. :)

    1. We have done the co-op for three years. Next year she goes to TK at our neighborhood school.

  2. Wow, I'm finding out that my fellow book bloggers don't sleep much!

    I loved your description of the little girls playing pretend - so many great memories of my two boys putting together outfits from our costume box and playing pretend for hours on end :) Thanks for the memories!

    And thanks for sharing your day -


    Book By Book

  3. Waffles for lunch! You. Are. Awesome!

  4. Sounds like a long day - not enough sleeping and way too much crying. However, dinner sounds delish!

  5. I so understand the need for the coffee early. Seems to make all things better. Your dinner sounds lovely and little girls playing Cinderella - fun. Enjoyed hearing about your day - crying included. LOL

    1. Thanks. Yes, there great playing made up for all the crying.

  6. If I didn't have coffee until 10, I'd be a zombie

  7. It sounds like an insanely busy day. I can relate to taking the kids to co-op and wishing I could drop them off. :-)

    1. :) Even worst is when it is a drop off day and you have to keep them home because they are sick!

  8. As I read about your day, I could see my daughter in yours--some of her behaviors and reactions. :-) It sounds like you had a very busy day! I love how you captured both the good and the bad. You are doing a great job.

  9. Dinner sounds yummy! The Cinderella game sounds so fun and creative!

    1. They were so cute. Wish I had taken some photos, but then they would have seen me and stopped. Didn't want to interrupt.

  10. Long day, and such a stressful one. At the end of the day though, it is rewarding! :)

  11. Oh my goodness, that is a rough early morning. All of the crying! But it seems like the day improved. Thanks for sharing!


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