Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stitches West

Yarn. Have I told you how much I love buying yarn? It's a bit of an addiction, I am afraid. It's not a bad one to have, right?

Sunday I made it to the MarketPlace of the StitchesWest convention in Santa Clara. Wish I could have taken some of the classes, but we didn't get back from our vacation to Banff in time. Shopping for yarn in a gigantic convention space was perfectly okay. And I went with a friend! Always more fun with a friend. 

Anyway. I spent a bit of money but all on some really lovely yarn.

A Miss Babs Leftie Set which I have already cast on.
Some Wandering Wool in a beautiful variegated purple destined to be something for the little girl
and three skeins from Yarn on the House in three different shades of gray.

Same day cast on for the Leftie Shawl.


Happy Knitting!

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  1. I too love buying yarn! I think it's just the soft squishy-ness and the beautiful colours! You got some lovely yarn and I love the look of your shawl so far!


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