Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Passionate Nutrition by Jennifer Adler, MS, CN

Passionate Nutrition by Jennifer Adler, MS, CN
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published December 2014, Sasquatch Books
Source: Publisher for Review
About the Book

Nutritionist Jennifer Adler learned that "food as medicine" is a powerfully healing way to eat as she recovered from a malnourished, sickly childhood and adolescence. Part power foods cookbook, part guidebook for healthy living and eating, and part memoir, Passionate Nutrition provides powerful information, tips, and techniques for eating your way to optimal health.
My Review

Adler's background and journey to healthy eating has greatly influenced her work as a nutritionist.  I like her advice to not "diet" but to develop a healthy relationship with food. Eat what nourishes, eat what heals and don't feel guilty when your body craves something you consider "bad". 
There are so many things I read that I plan to implement into my eating habits; Listen to what my body wants, slow down while eating and enjoy every bite, eat when hungry. That last one I need to remember when the little girl asks me for food two hours after she has just eaten. She's listening to her body and I need to respect that by having healthy snacks for her and for me.
Another read through with a highlighter and a notepad is in order. So many great things to remember and share and recipes to try. Planning on having the hubby read this one, too.
About the Author

Jennifer Adler is a Certified Nutritionist and a nationally recognized nutrition expert (as seen on ABC's Nightline). Adler is the founder and owner of Passionate Nutrition based in Seattle.
Happy Reading!

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