Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: The Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley

The Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley 
(The Light Behind the Window in the UK)
Published in US June 2013, Atria Books
Paperback, 416 pages

Source: Received from publisher for Review

I have enjoyed all the books by Lucinda Riley and this one was no exception. 

In her typical style, of connecting the past with the present, The Lavender Garden tells the story of the de la Martiniers family across two generations. In 1999, Emelie must deal with the estate she has inherited after the death of her mother. In 1944, Constance Carruthers is sent to Paris as an SOE agent from Britain who unexpectedly ends up in the home of Edouard de la Mariniere, a secret member of the Resistance as well.

Emelie's story was not my favorite. I did not like how naive she was and willing to fall into a marriage with a man she doesn't really know only after a month. When Emelie meets Sebastian Carruthers he says he is a gallery owner, and coincidentally, his grandmother had a connection to Emelie's father during WWII. I didn't trust his story from the beginning. I also think the story of Constance could have been shared without the Sebastian storyline.  Now, this of course, comes from my dislike of him, which I suppose is the point. Anyway, I could have done without him. His brother, Alex, on the other hand I did like. 

Constance's story was great. Full of intrigue and adventure, family drama and secrets, and a Romeo and Juliet like love story all rolled up into a very entertaining tale. You learn of Edouard and his relationship with his sister, Sophia, and their lives in Nazi occupied France. It is quite the story and much more to my liking than that of Emelie and Sebastian.  I would hate to share too much and ruin the story, so I will leave you with that.

Do know, that Emelie's story does get better. Her visits with the family that run the vineyard, and her interactions with Alex make up for the beginning. She does grow on you as she seems to grow up a bit.
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  1. Thanks for the review of this one, Mari. I bought it recently so I'm happy to know that you enjoyed it.

    1. Of course. Hope you enjoy it, as well. :)


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