Thursday, April 25, 2013

BlogHer TV

Hi All! Almost six years of blogging with no revenue for my efforts was fine when I had a job and income coming in that way. I have now been home with my daughter for two years and finding it a little more difficult to hold giveaways, buy books for review, etc., which impacts the blog more than I thought it would. I have been an Amazon Affiliate for a few years but have never actually made any money from that. Does anyone?

Anyway, I have joined BlogHer Promotions and have installed the BlogHer TV over in the left column. It is actually pretty cool. I chose the food and cooking channel which has recipes and cooking techniques, which I find useful. Hope some of you do as well. Any revenue will be used towards the blog. Thanks guys!

Happy Reading!
FTC Disclosure: Clicking on book title and/or image links will lead you to my Amazon Affiliate page.

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