Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Standalong: Halfway through

I have finally made it to the halfway point. Wow! What a book. Even when I am not reading I get reminded of it: When someone sneezes, when we were driving through the Lincoln Tunnel leaving NYC,when I start coughing! Ack!

So here's how it is going so far:

1. How does The Stand compare to your initial thoughts on the book?
I knew what to expect going in having seen the tv movie and also being a fan of Stephen King and his style of writing. This is much better than the movie.

2. Characters you love so far? Characters you want to kick in the shins? 
Nick (I keep picturing Rob Lowe) and Frannie (she's the only strong female character so far) are my favorites so far. Can't stand Harold. What an annoying and creepy guy.

3. Most cringe worthy moment?
The Lincoln tunnel especially realizing how long it was after driving through myself. Also, Rita dead in the tent. Actually, Larry wearing the clothes he pulls out and them smelling of death. Ick.

4. Any predictions for the second half? (no spoilers if you're past there!)
More of the same. I have seen the movie. I know what happens.

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