Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing Harry Potter

I used to reread the Harry Potter books every time a new book or movie was released. It has been years since I have done that and I am really missing doing it. I am watching the HP shows, The World of Harry Potter on Biography and realized that there is only one more release for me to do it. Unfortunately, I have some review books to get read and reviewed and my actual reading time is limited. I am starting to think that the next time I get to read them will be when I read them to Emma! I can't wait. 



  1. I kind of know how you feel. I read the whole series last year for the first time, and when I finished that last book? I was bereft. I couldn't get into another book for several weeks and I even was heard to say, "I miss my friends...."!

  2. Kim- The most definitely feel like friends, don't they?


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