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Book Review-Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott

Dark Moon of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan & Isolde (Twilight of Avalon Trilogy)Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott

I am a big fan of English Historical Fiction, so I was very excited to get a copy Dark Moon of Avalon. This was not a book I had heard of before but it sounded like a book I would enjoy. 

"The young former High Queen, Isolde, and her friend and protector, Trystan, are reunited in a new and dangerous quest to keep the usurper, Lord Marche, and his Saxon allies from the throne of Britain."

My only knowledge of Trystan and Isolde comes from listening to the music by Wagner and the movie with James Franco, so I really enjoyed reading and learning about them in Anne Elliot's book. The story is captivating, filled with the legend of King Arthur and the love between Trystan and Isolde carry it along.

The Prologue, and the way it is written, had me a bit worried. Written in the first person and stylized to sound poetic perhaps. It would have been hard to read the whole book this way. Thankfully, I didn't have to. 

Dark Moon of Avalon, which was released in September, is the second book in the trilogy. The first book is Twilight of Avalon and the last book, Sunrise of Avalon, will be available September 2011.

I do wish I had read the first in the series but it did not ruin my enjoyment of Dark Moon. This most definitely can be read as a stand alone book.  I look forward to reading the first in the series and getting the last in the trilogy.


About the author:

The daughter of two English literature Ph.D.s, Anna Elliott grew up in Wilton, Connecticut, in a house filled with books. She is a longtime devotee of historical fiction and fell especially in love with Arthurian legend and Celtic history while at university.

Anna was expecting her first child when she woke up from a vivid dream in which she had told her mother that her next book project would be about Modred's daughter, Isolde. She was very grateful to her daughter for being an excellent sleeper even as a newborn and allowing her the time to turn her dream into a finished trilogy. The trilogy comprises Twilight of Avalon, Dark Moon of Avalon, and the upcoming Sunrise of Avalon.

She now lives in the Washington, D.C. Metro area with her husband and two daughters.

Source: Stephanie of BookSparks for Book Tour

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  1. I would love to read this book. I have entered several contests for it but never won. I am familiar with the general storyline but would really love to read the book itself.

    Thank you for generously offering this book to your blog readers.



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