Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Knitting

I have started some baby knitting. Just a wee pair of socks but I have a lot of other knits that I want to get done for our little girl before she arrives.  I would love to have a hat knit and ready for her for her birth day.  The socks are looking a little too big for her to use right away. Of course, she could have feet like her daddy. He wears size 14 shoes compared to my size 6.5. I am hoping her feet are a little more like mine. Easier to find shoes. :)

So, are there any really cute baby patterns that I just have to knit? I would love to knit a really great blanket. Ideas?


  1. knitting. I did some of that many years ago. :)

    Here is a cute pattern. I haven't tried it. There are several out there. This one is nice with the cables.

    Happy Baby Knitting.

  2. Hrm...Knitspot just came out with a new baby blanket pattern for $7. It's very pretty and can be made in several different sizes. :)

    I'm doing just a simple diagonal baby blanket (garter stitch with stripes) for a friend due in July. It's great tv knitting.


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