Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Review: Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler

Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler
ebook, 334 pages
Published June 2012, Astor+Blue

First the pharmaceutical companies now the body parts business. Wyler once again has made me a little freaked out about what goes on within the business of medicine. This is the second book by Allen Wyler that I have read and my favorite. It starts off with quite a surprise.

What happens when not enough people are donating themselves to science? Where do the cadavers and body parts for research and education come from? Dead Ringer shows how easy it is for people to disappear off the streets and end up on a table in a school anatomy lab. Or in the case of Andy Baer, his head finds its way to a demonstration table in Hong Kong where his best friend, neurosurgeon Lucas McRae, is about to perform a craniotomy. 

McRae, with the help of Detective Wendy Elliot, who has also lost a friend, set out to find answers and get justice for the deaths of their friends and the hundreds of others who have met their ends for the sole purpose of making a Funeral Director some extra money through selling body parts to researchers, medical schools, etc. 

This time, knowing "who did it" didn't hurt the story/suspense since it was more about how to prove the crime and get justice for the almost perfect murders. No bodies, almost perfect records, and the sad truth that those who have been killed are those who will not be missed- makes for a difficult case to make when all they have is circumstantial evidence.
If you like medical thrillers, this is a book you should pick up.
Source: Thanks Lauren from Blue Dot Literary, publicist

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